IMAGINE The Possibilities ~ 4 New Trains Proposed For Orlando!

Metro Orlando, which pursued trains unsuccessfully for decades, could be virtually overrun by them in a few years.

Four systems are in various stages of planning:

  • The SunRail commuter train is under construction.
  • All Aboard Florida would link Orlando International Airport with South Florida and have promised to be running in 2015.
  • The owner of American Maglev of Georgia has said he could build an elevated system between the airport and the Orange County Convention Center no later than 2015.
  • The fourth proposal, the Orange Blossom Express would run between Lake County and downtown Orlando.

Why all the interest?  Metro Orlando now has more than 2.2 million residents.

Possible advantages IF all the trains are built, they would create thousands of construction jobs, as well as hundreds of full-time jobs.  Supporters say the trains also would trigger new development.

SunRail intends of get the bulk of its riders from Interstate 4, which is supposed to undergo a massive rebuild starting late next year or early 2015.

Train supporters say the systems would take cars off not just I-4 but other roads too, freeing lanes for drivers and reducing air pollution because fewer engines would be burning oil.

The more mass transportation you have, the more that will help to improve travel on the road and lessen congestion!

Would YOU use a train in your daily commute?



REF: Orlando Sentinel/Dan Tracy 2/18/13

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