“Celebration Cares”

Thriving in Place answering lady question guy
Do you have questions about resources as you or a loved one gets older?

The goal of Thriving in Place is to help enable residents to live in their own homes leading healthy, safe, independent and productive lives.

We know that our questions change as we get older, so we have asked the Osceola Council on Aging to provide one of their terrific case managers to help answer these questions.

The Osceola Council’s “Answer Lady” can help with everything from Medicare to Advance Directives to Veteran’s Benefits and more. They can also refer you to good local professionals for your unique circumstances.

This is a good opportunity for caregivers to learn more about area resources.

The Answer Lady is available on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Please call the Celebration Foundation (407)566-1234 to schedule an appointment for Wednesday, February 27 between 9:00 and 2:00.

The private one hour consultations are free and confidential. Appointments are available to all residents in western Osceola County.

The Next Lunch & Learn, scheduled for Wednesday, March 13th, from 11:30 – 1:00 at Celebration Town Hall is on Memory Care!

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