Enjoy our “Christmas in Florida: The Mashup” video

Hot cocoa? Snow angels? Chestnuts roasting on an open fire?


While your Northern friends and family can brag about how pretty the snow looks on Christmas morning, we Floridians understand: It’s just better down here.

After rushing downstairs to open presents on Dec. 25, we can actually enjoy that new set of golf clubs, that new bicycle and even that new surfboard on Christmas morning.

The holiday season in Florida is just different. We decorate palm trees, sip mojitos by the pool and sometimes blast the air conditioning because it’s still 85 degrees outside.

To celebrate how the Sunshine State does the holiday, view the video the Orlando Sentinel put together with a few of their colleagues ~ a tribute to Christmas in Florida. Central Florida notables in the video include Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Fox 35’s Amy Kaufeldt and Appliance Direct TV star Sam Pak.

Click here to watch the “Christmas in Florida” music video, and let us know what makes the holidays so much better in Florida.


And be sure to send the video to your friends and family who live in the ice and snow. It might just warm up their day.

REF: December 18, 2013 Orlando Sentinal, Jon Busdeker

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