Celebration ~ Island Village NEW Construction Update

March 16, 2019

Date:  Thursday March 14, 2019.

Advisory good thru Fri April 12, 2019

What you need to know:

Construction Traffic on Celebration Boulevard:  Light.  During Celebration High School drop-off and pickup times, construction traffic should be Light.

Bridge construction activities:  pile driving for the bridge piers will start with activity occurring Monday – Saturday 7a – sunset, and Sunday 9a – mid-afternoon.


Mattamy Homes’ site contractor, Jr. Davis Construction (JDC), continues work on the roadway and bridge construction for the extension of Celebration Boulevard.

The “work” is the construction of the mile-long Celebration Boulevard Extension (CBE) from Celebration High School (CHS) to the front entrance of Island Village.

This includes roadway and bridge construction only.

Construction of the Island Village community is anticipated to commence later this year.

 Construction activities over the next several weeks will entail the following:

Thru existing Celebration Blvd, thru the circle at CHS/Emerson, then onsite:  dump truck traffic for bringing fill to the site

Onsite:  roadway excavation and grading

Onsite:  bridge trestle installation

Onsite:  bridge pile driving for pier foundations

Construction traffic during the morning school start and afternoon school end at Celebration High School will be kept to a minimum.

JDC’s activities will attempt to avoid construction traffic (mobilization/demobilization) on existing Celebration Boulevard both before and during those times.

Construction activities once onsite to the CBE project do not hinder any public traffic.

Public vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the CBE construction site is prohibited.

Mattamy Homes will issue these Construction Advisories periodically to inform people of general construction activity within the flow of traffic along Celebration Boulevard between World Drive and CHS.

Please stay tuned for future advisories.

Thank you!