Tavistock plans private Lake Nona Academy near USTA National Campus

Lake Nona’s developer is laying the foundation for a proposed private college-preparatory academy for more than 1,500 children in southeast Orlando.

Tavistock Group, the conglomerate behind the fast-growing 17-square-mile neighborhood, wants to build the Lake Nona Academy just south of the USTA National Campus, according to a document describing an open job position to lead the school.

Lake Nona already has 15,000 residents, 12,000 employees and 14,000 students at its schools. However, a “strong educational ecosystem” has long been a top development priority for Lake Nona.

Tavistock wants to open the Lake Nona Academy by fall 2022, but didn’t reveal when construction may begin. The academy’s mission would be to prepare students for college, with an “academically rigorous” curriculum focused on areas such as foreign language, global awareness, athletics and the arts.

Lake Nona’s higher-education institutions also are expanding. Valencia College wants to build a $42.6 million second academic building for the Lake Nona campus, while the University of Central Florida is underway on its $175 million, 204,079 square foot UCF Lake Nona Medical Center.

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