Is Your Home a Smart Home?

October 8, 2016

The term “smart house” was coined in the 1980s to refer to a home with integrated telephones, lighting, audio and security.

Today, a smart home is defined as equipped with network-connected products…connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or similar protocols for controlling, automating and optimizing functions of the home.

This definition stipulates that the home has internet access, a smart security or temperature system and at least two other smart features, such as appliances, entertainment devices, cooling or heating equipment, lighting, landscaping elements, air quality monitors or thermostats.

Anything mentioned above that you can add to your home will increase your home’s value.

New App! Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

July 28, 2015

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office offers a new app for Apple devices and Android devices.

Visit and click on Links for information about wanted persons, unsolved homicides and sex offenders.

Also find links to school resource officers, news releases and human resources.

Dig this app! We at Imagination Realty Love it!

March 15, 2013

New Remodeling App Compares Home Improvement Projects ~

The saying, “there’s an app for that” is proving to be true once more. The new Zillow Digs, launched by, is hoping to corner some of the social media market share that and have in the virtual real estate world.

After you check out that link check out is the website that allows visitors to get an estimate (or as its called on the site, “zestimate”) on the value of homes. The site created quite a stir because of the enormous amount of real estate data it was providing in the Internet world when it launched seven years ago.

Today, it touts that it helps homeowners, buyers and sellers, renters, real estate agents and mortgage professionals as well as landlords and property managers “find and share vital information about homes, real estate and mortgages”. The company’s goal is to empower consumers with important real estate information.

That’s why it makes sense that this same company would launch an app that is helping consumers learn more about home improvement. The popularity of social sharing sites proved that there’s a market for uploading attractive remodeling and real estate photos and now there’s

You’ll lose track of time perusing through these pretty remodeling pictures. It’s similar to the other social sharing sites where you can upload, pin, and like the photos, but on this platform, you can also see an estimate for the remodeling work.

The free app works on the iPad and Web.

This new app serves not only as a comparison for those searching for costs and projects that might be similar to their own remodel but also as an inspiration for homeowners looking for new, fresh home improvement ideas.

The Pinterest-like boards will be familiar to those who are used to pinning. It also offers a direct login/connection to Facebook and Twitter for simple sharing, commenting and extended posting.

Some of the photos featured on the Zillow Digs app are on the market while others are not currently listed. Either way, it seems this is yet another Zillow mark of genius as those interested in real estate will find the beautiful pictures captivating and the cost-calculations intriguing. The app also helps connect consumers with industry professionals who can help get the remodeling work you need completed.

REF: February 18, 2013  Phoebe Chongchuain Home Improvement, Home Selling